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In case you did not notice that I have posted music that I had recorded over a year ago, you can check those songs out by clicking on the music page on the right side of the screen below the blogs that I read.  I thought you musical people out there might be interested in why I chose the songs that I did and the way that I recorded them.

The first track, I love you Lord/Hallelujah, is supposed to give a nostalgic feel to the listener, while also bringing something new to the table because these two simple songs are rarely played together, but I found as I was playing I love You Lord in the key of E, its speed actually led well into the song Alleluia, which could also be sung in the key of E with no problems for me.   I say that it was supposed to give a nostalgic feel because both songs are over twenty, if not thirty, years old, and they remind me of my childhood experiences in church.  I knew both of these songs by heart before I had ever decided to play them for the CD.  Not only that, but both are still very popular songs among traditional evangelical churches.

I started the CD with this track because all of the music that I sing for the rest of the disc boils down to the simple words of both songs.  In I Love You Lord, we are speaking directly to God, letting him know that he is our first love and our focus whenever we worship together, whether it be through music or any other mode.  Alleluia means “praise ye the Lord,”  which is a great summary again of what we are doing when we gather for worship.  Regardless of our circumstances or suffering, God is still worthy of all of the glory, honor, and praise that we can give.  God is still good even when we do not understand why our lives are falling apart.  God is still holy even when we are frustrated with our struggles and failings.  There is no other god like our God; this is enough of a reason to praise him.  Not only those things, but God gives us life and breath, hope and peace, joy and love, and so much more.  While we may not be able to see all of these things bearing fruit in our lives, that does not mean that God is no longer interacting and influencing what is happening around us.

I also hoped in this song that the listener could sing along right away with the music in the first track because the song is so well-known.  Of all of the things that I was trying to do with this CD, getting the listener to sing along and worship God with me was one of the most important.  As you listen to the music, I hope you feel compelled to not only relax and enjoy God’s presence, but also to sing along and experience God as you speak to him in music.


~ by randallkoehler on March 22, 2011.

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