Fundraising update

So I just got an update from Mennonite Central Committee on how much money has been given on behalf of my trip to Lesotho. I had to raise $4600 in order to go on the trip, and my last update said that $5200 had been given since July 11 and I know that more is going in, so praise God for his provision through family and friends toward his calling.

Thank you to all of the people out there who have given toward the trip. It’s been a ride just in preparing to leave for Lesotho. I have almost all of my other papers together for my work visa which I apply for when I arrive in Lesotho. Also, I have all of my vaccinations and doctor’s appointments taken care of. Life has been moving very quickly, but I have been able to get most of these things done. Most of the rest of my preparation involves prayer, studying the Basotho culture, and not freaking myself out before I even get there.  Lots of first experiences are coming with this trip, so flexibility in all  situations will be extremely advantageous.

Thanks again to everyone who has been supporting me through prayer and giving.


~ by randallkoehler on July 17, 2011.

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