Poetic beginnings

A couple years ago, I served as the worship leader for a kids camp with my youth minister and many other adult leaders and high school students. The week was a great challenge. God moved in and through all of us. From that experience, I wrote a poem that I have posted here in light of the many different social justice ideas that had been running through my mind during that experience.  I actually first published it on facebook because i had, as of yet to begin writing on a blog. See what you think.

At Camp Impact, a little junior high guy inspired me to begin writing poetry. He actually read one of his poems to the entire camp. I had always hated poetry in school, but now, i have developed a certain appreciation for the depth and transparency of poetry. This is one of my first poems.

Torn between the two;
The radical; the complacent;
The longing to be real
In a world of counterfeit;
The rich surrounding me;
Encouraging my calling, not theirs;
The broken and dying laid waste;
The argument rages on;
How? How? How?
Without pushing the wrong message.
Is enlightenment better than ignorance?
Being aware better than never knowing;
They know what they need;
Can we ever have enough?
We cannot see them
Over our enormous guts of apathy;
We are called to them;
As one; let’s fight.
They scream in our ears,
Let us never know.


~ by randallkoehler on July 25, 2011.

One Response to “Poetic beginnings”

  1. Wow. This poem is very good! But more important than that, it is one that gets a person thinking. Thank you for sharing it.

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