Arriving in South Africa

So my first flight was a rush, but it also made me feel sick for a while. We took a small plane from Harrisburg, PA to Washington DC that had a significant amount of turbulence. We were only in the air for like 30 minutes, but it was still invigorating.  We had a slight delay but we still arrived in plenty of time to eat dinner before we got on the plane for Johannesburg, South Africa.  My first meal at Five Guys was very tasty in the Washington Dulles airport.

We boarded the plane for South Africa around 5 pm, eastern time, but we did not actually leave DC until 10 pm.  There were several major thunderstorms coming through the east coast right before we were all boarded, so we sat in the plane for the entire 5 hours of delay.  While I did have a window seat during this flight, it was too dark to see much while the plane lifted off, but it was still a blast.  We flew to Dakhar, Senegal for a fuel up and a few passenger switches.  We arrived there around 6 am, eastern time, but it was 10 am, senegal time.  After an hour, we took off again, and I still sat by a window, so this take off was awesome.  We then flew for another 8 hours and arrived in Jo’burg around 10 pm. We made it through customs, had our luggage, and exited the airport within an hour, and we met our MCC directors.

All in all, the flights were great as was navigating my way around the airports with the other SALTers.  I was uncertain, though, how jet lag would affect my sleep last night, but after I took a shower at our stay in Jo’burg, I cuddled under the two blankets on my bed and fell asleep within minutes.  South Africa is 7 hours ahead of my home time zone, so as I right this, it is 1 pm at home, and I woke up this morning at 12:30 am.  We just finished dinner.  Its about 8 pm here in Jo’burg.


~ by randallkoehler on August 20, 2011.

One Response to “Arriving in South Africa”

  1. Good to hear you arrived safely!

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