Step into the light

During my time in Lesotho, I have been able to learn some wonderful new music, very different from music that I have been playing as a worship leader in the States. I plan on bringing these songs back to America on my return, but I had an interesting conversation with myself as I led one of these songs at church. The only church that is close to my home is the Lesotho Evangelical Church, which is tied to the mission and school here in Maphutseng. The pastor asked me, after finding out that I played the guitar, if I would lead some songs in church. I was pretty intimidated, but by the time that he had asked me this, I had already learned four different songs in Sesotho that I had heard them sing in church before.  The lyrics to one of the songs that we sing are as follows:

Ke Jesu oa o bitsa mocha atamela (kay jay-soh wow beet-sah moo-chah ah-tah-may-la)

The lyrics of the song mean, “Jesus is calling you – come closer or draw nearer.” As I led this song on my first Sunday playing in front of the congregation, an interesting thought came to me. Do I really want to draw near to Jesus? What are the risks of coming closer to Jesus? Do I want to take the risk, or am I content with where my faith and life are right now? Interestingly, the words of 1 John 1 came to me too when the author talks about how God is light and in him is no darkness at all.

After bringing all of these thoughts together, drawing near to Jesus seemed more risky than I wanted, for to draw near to Jesus is to walk into the light, letting it remove all of the darkness around me that lets me hide the things that I do. As much as darkness is scary when I am young, I grow to love the darkness because it helps me get away with those things that I know are wrong or that I am convicted about, but I do not want anyone else to know about. I’m so deceived by the darkness that sometimes I think that I am even hiding my faults and insecurities from God.

However in the community of faith as we all draw nearer to Jesus, we realize that to do so is to lay bare all of those things that we have been hiding about our lives, for only then can we begin to experience real and life-changing relationship. We, in a very real sense, step into the light and let those around us see us for who we really are, faults, insecurities, failures, and all. We want to look like we have our lives together, but we often do not realize that drawing nearer to God is letting someone shine a spotlight on us even in our darkest moments. It is like the author of 1 John speaks about. If we walk in the light, we have fellowship with one another. Let us always walk in transparency and honesty in our relationships, letting God’s light shine on us, showing us and those around us the things that we want to keep secret.

I pose the question to you: do you want to draw near to Jesus and step into the light, or would you rather stay in the darkness trying to deceive the people around you that you are something different than who you really are?  Try walking in the light for a while. See how God begins to reveal things to you that you need to change as you continue to walk with him and see how others respond to your honesty and transparency.


~ by randallkoehler on November 30, 2011.

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