The power of God and healing

Ephesians 1:15-23

Every day, I thank God for the teachers at Maphusteng LEC Primary School (1:16). You have committed your lives and talents to teaching these children. I thank God for the faith and love that you exemplify for the students, and I pray that God will sustain and strengthen you in faith and love so that you can teach every day (1:15).

I pray that God fills you with wisdom and reveals to you three important parts of the Christian life: hope, inheritance, and power (1:17). In Jesus, we have hope because he brings value and purpose back to our lives; he redeems the natural environment around us (1:18). Also, we have hope of a glorious future in heaven. The inheritance that we have obtained, yet we still wait for, is a new family, which is the church as well as a new heaven and earth in the end (1:18).  The power available to us through the Spirit is the same power that God showed in raising Jesus from the dead and in making Jesus the most important person in history, being seated at the right hand of God (1:21-22). God has given us this power and called us to use it. How are we using this power to cause change in our students and in our communities? How are we showing others the hope and inheritance that we have in Jesus?

Finally, Paul gives a lot of responsibility to those who are following Jesus. Paul says that the church is “the fullness of Jesus” here on earth (1:23). Therefore we are responsible for being like Jesus to those around us. How can we show Jesus to our students and friends? How can we live out what Jesus did and taught?

Ntate Neo

Other notes and ideas:

I had an interesting conversation with some people who came to the project this past week. They were talking about the baptism in the Holy Spirit and all of the powerful things that they had seen happen in their church in America such as healings, prophecies, speaking and interpretation of tongues, and other things.  I was thinking more about these events and situations, remembering my first year of university. I attended an Assemblies of God university, and I grew most in my faith during this time as I was challenged with many different aspects of my faith. I was told that I needed to be baptized in the Holy Spirit, and in several occasions, people prayed over me and laid hands on me, but God did not seem to do anything. Maybe there was something wrong with me. Maybe my heart was not in the right place. Maybe I did not repent of something. I’m not sure, but since that year and watching several different chapel services where the specific goal was getting people baptized in the Holy Spirit, I have been moving in a different direction in terms of God’s great power available to us in the Spirit.

It started when I heard an alternate interpretation of the feeding of the 5000 in the Gospels. I had always thought that Jesus had made bread magically appear from the 5 loaves and 2 fish that he had received from the little boy. Then someone showed me a different view. What if Jesus did not magically recreate bread from the original bread? What if the people of the crowd were so inspired by the generosity of the little boy who gave his food that after Jesus blessed the food and began passing it out, the people started pulling food out of their bags or pockets, and it happened that there was enough food from all of the people that everyone was fed, and there was extra even beyond that? What if the more miraculous thing that happened was how the people’s hearts were changed in relation to their neighbors, not that Jesus did a magic trick with the bread?

In terms of signs and wonders and the Spirit’s working in us, are we only concerned about outward acts of power such as healing, prophecy, speaking in tongues, casting out a demon, or having a vision, or should we be more concerned with the miracle of a repentant and changed heart that is more concerned about serving and sharing with his or her neighbor?  Is God calling us to do more signs and wonders, or is he asking us to act in accord with his son’s teaching so that people see a new way, a better way for the way that the world should work and run?

Don’t take me the wrong way. I believe that God still works in signs and wonders. I believe that God is working in powerful ways all over the world. I believe the stories from history about God’s provision for different people in their moments of need. I only wonder if we have limited the working of God’s power to a few gifts mentioned in Paul’s letters. How could we begin to see the power of God working in all situations, for God IS working to redeem all things, not only to heal a few people? Where is God working in and around you? How have you seen God’s power working?


~ by randallkoehler on February 14, 2012.

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  1. Beautiful post, Randall! Thank you,


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