The mission house when we first arrived here in Lesotho. Since we have been here, the roof has been fixed, and lights have been installed in all of the rooms. The entire mission station runs on solar power and batteries as well as a generator if need be.

The storeroom where three of the guys stay all the time. Also, the center door led to my first room that I stayed in when I arrived. I did not have host parents when I first arrived, so I spent the first few weeks at the mission.

My classroom from last fall when I was teaching. There were 64 of them in the classroom. I am sitting at my chair in the front corner of the room taking the picture. There is another chalkboard opposite the one you see in the background.

My bathroom or “toilet” as it is referred to in Southern Africa. Just a deep hole, and the smell is not too bad.

My host mom and brother

My host mom, Mentsebo, on the left and my host brother, Rorisang, on the right. They make an interesting and wonderful family. Rorisang might be going to Canada in the next few months with the program like SALT that is called IVEP. It also is through Mennonite Central Committee.

The front door of my home in Maphutseng. The house has 5 rooms: my bedroom, Mentsebo’s bedroom, Rorisang’s bedroom, the kitchen, and a small storage room for small things. No electricity or running water but it is still home.

The tap that we get water from. It is about 300 yards up a hill from my home. I walk up the hill with empty 20 liter bottles and walk back down with 20 liters of water. Its not too bad of a workout depending on the time of day.


~ by randallkoehler on March 1, 2012.

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  1. Randall,
    Thanks so much for keeping all of in the loop!
    Kathy Wuthrich

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