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So a few days after Christmas, I went to Qacha’s Nek to see my host mother’s birthplace. She lives 2 hours into the mountains from the tar road. You can only reach her home by motor bike or foot. She wanted to move this gas stove to Maseru, so we carried it out of the mountains, taking turns with it on our heads. Rorisang, my host brother, as well as Mpho, my host mother’s son, were along for that long haul.

Sunrise south of Durban on the beach of the Indian Ocean. I swam in the ocean every day that I could when we went to a retreat center on the coast for our winter retreat. It was quite fantastic.

Along the tar road runs a river that you have to cross before you can walk to my host mother’s village in the mountains. This is us crossing the day that I left for Pietermaurizburg.

One of the days that I was in Qacha’s Nek, my host brothers took me into the nearest village, Ha Mantelane where we hung out with Limpho, a guy that lives in the village. This is one of his sisters and I dancing to some music. The little girl is Limpho’s niece. I like to dance.

My first bedroom at the mission. I did not have a host family when I first arrived, so I stayed in a room at the mission for the first 3 weeks.

Kendelle and I on our first hike up the nearest mountin, called Thaba Noha or snake mountain. It was a rough hike for someone who’s lived on the plains his whole life. Since then, I have climbed to the peak of the mountain 3 times. It’s quite a workout. You can see the valley and other mountains behind us.

This is Thaba Noha. It’s the nearest mountain to the mission. It takes about 3 hours to walk from the mission to the peak and back. If only Illinois had mountains.


~ by randallkoehler on March 2, 2012.

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