The mystery of the Gospel

Ephesians 3:1-13

Growing up as a Jew, Paul had always learned that the Israelites were God’s chosen people, separate from all other people groups and commanded to be separate so that other nations would not corrupt them. People who did not have both a Jewish mother and father were called Samaritans and considered to be worse than dirt. They were treated with contempt by their fellow Jews. They were often spoken of in worse terms than the non-Jews or Gentiles.

In the beginning of chapter 3, Paul reveals to the Ephesians the true mystery of the gospel, which is that God has created a way for the Gentiles to join His family. Having grown up hating all non-Jews, this would be a radical move for Paul and any other Jews that were a part of the new church when the New Testament was written. As Paul did, we have also grown up with different prejudices and assumptions about other people, especially those people that are not like us. How have we not shown love to others because they are different? Are we willing, like Paul, to say that God’s grace and love are freely available to all people, no matter what we have grown up learning from our parents and communities? Jesus wants us to lay down our assumptions, prejudices, and hatred before him, and instead, to choose to love everyone as he loved and as God has always loved. Let us remember that through our actions as the body of Christ, the powers and authorities of this world will see the wisdom and will of God.

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~ by randallkoehler on May 15, 2012.

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