Back in the blogging mood…

Since Lesotho, I have been hesitant to blog. Traumatic experiences in the mountain kingdom and attempting to acclimate to the empire-state of America has been a continuously evolving experience, even now, 4 years later (has it really been that long?). God has held onto me, though, working in the present moment as he always does, constantly drawing me into places and ways that he is moving his Kingdom forward in our world. Maybe the most attractive thing about the way that God moves in the world is the way that he guides us and nudges us deeper and deeper into his Kingdom practices and experiences. We cannot help but move forward in his calls to equality, justice, peace, and reconciliation because to love our neighbor and our God requires it.

So I’ve come a long way since the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho… and yet, not too far. I still have my struggles and issues, but God works in each of us, no matter the obstacles.

I graduated from university with a degree in Elementary Education; I had a wonderful student-teaching experience in a community that I have been involved in since junior high through youth ministry. Seeing this community through the lens of public school shed new and different lights on the community’s needs. After graduating though, I did not jump directly into teaching/youth ministry. Instead, I moved back home (my parents’ home) and began working on the farm (a notion I had never dreamed of doing up to that point).  Now working on the farm is never quite what people (or myself) always envision, but it was a welcome transition from sitting in a classroom. I love getting my hands dirty, smashing my fingers, and working up a good sweat. I welcomed the concrete nature of getting a project done, which was very unlike planting seeds of peace, love, contentment, and justice in students at school. At school, results were hard to evaluate and measure in the classroom, which is how working with people always is, no matter the setting. Oftentimes on the farm, the end result/goal is much easier to see, based on yield goals for a crop, broken equipment that needs to be fixed, or pest control in specific fields.

Since coming onto the farm in the beginning of 2013, I have learned so much more about myself, my community, and the ways that God is moving in all of them.  This year is my 3rd year on the farm, and every year continues to bring its challenges and breakthroughs. I am not only working on the farm, though. I have become a part of the local school board, started working with youth in my old high school through the same youth ministry that I worked with before Lesotho, rejoined the work crew in a local trucking company, and continued to serve musically and orally at my local church. Life seems crazy and very full a lot of the time, but I am attempting with each passing day to take a day of rest each week and allow myself to cease from creating (a very difficult challenge, indeed).  In the mix the last four years, I also got married to my childhood sweetheart and built a home in my home community, not too far from her or my parents (less that 3 miles; lol). 

And now, with each passing day, I wonder and ask myself where God is moving and how I can join him in his work. How can I bring more hope, more love, more peace, more justice, more patience to a community of broken and hurting people, one in which I am finding out more and more my own brokenness? 


~ by randallkoehler on August 15, 2016.

2 Responses to “Back in the blogging mood…”

  1. I’m glad you’re “back”, Randall! Thank you!

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