The power of the present moment

I was struck again last night as I hung out with two teenagers from youth group how difficult being present can be. Feelings of inadequacy on my part and a fear that they had little interest in discussing the upcoming school year in the first place swept over me as I tried to navigate awkward silences, in which I know that God was a part of the discussion, but I still couldn’t shake that feeling. I get caught up in planning and making sure that I am accomplishing all that I need to that when I finally get to the point that my plans are complete, the real challenge is merely being present to these students.

Being present may sound like a strange way to describe hanging out or having a conversation, but it is a powerful way of thinking about being with people, no matter who they are. Being present means that we let go of our agendas and plans for a moment or multiple moments to truly listen and learn from the other living, breathing being in the situation. Sometimes we get so caught up in what we want to get done that we ignore/don’t hear what people are truly communicating to us over and above what we came together to talk about. Sometimes our greatest witness or way of showing Jesus to everyone is by being present.

My greatest temptation is to walk away, escape the awkward moment of opening the conversation space for something organic to unfold in the midst of us being together. Yet, a part of me says to stay, embrace the uncomfortable, breathe in, and allow God to reveal to me more and more about myself as well as the people around me as I truly open my ears and eyes to see and hear God in the moment.


~ by randallkoehler on August 24, 2016.

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