This past Sunday…

The following snippets are pieces of the worship leading (leading of the liturgy of the service) that I did this past Sunday:

Opening Prayer –     Great and self-sacrificing God, you desire relationship with your creation, a reciprocal relationship of love, peace, self-sacrifice, and hope. We pray this morning that we would be reminded of the covenant that you made with Noah and how it continues to this day and speaks to us of your love for your universe. We pray for listening ears, that we would be present to this moment and the people around us, not to what may be happening later or to what has already happened. Amen


Confession from our bulletin at church (I found this quite meaningful) –

God of creation and salvation, too often we fear there is not enough

      And we want to keep what there is for ourselves,

           Including your love,

             So we build barriers

We want to decide to who’s in or out.

        We fail to see the impact of our selfishness.

Help us to value all of your creation-

       The earth, air, water, and all living creatures,

              Both the tame and the wild – the way you do.

Help us to preserve and not destroy them.

             Forgive us for making your love too small.

                    Teach us to act with humility, grace, and mercy.

As we seek to make things right.


Offering prayer (that I wrote) –    God of this world, who created this universe and imbued it with great value and potential. Guide us as we steward it and care for it. Forgive us as we abuse it for our comfort and security. Let us continue to look with eyes that see and listen with ears that hear as you call us to be better, more trusting image-bearers. Help us to share our “more than enough” and give up our lust for more than what we need or can even use. Remind us that our value and purpose come from a lasting relationship with you, not from our cars, our homes, our retirements, our bank accounts, or our connections. We pray that your spirit would fill us with the power to trust you more in each passing moment. Amen


~ by randallkoehler on February 20, 2018.

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