Contacting me

Hey everyone,

If you notice something in my posts that you would like to comment about or ask questions about but you would rather not put your words out for everyone to see you can contact me in several other ways too.

I have two email addresses.  I check the first email address several times throughout the day, so you should get a timely response.  I check the second one every few days, so it may take a little longer for that one.  If you do not get a response withing 24 hours from the first address, I would email the second address because I may not have received your email. 🙂

Also, if you are on facebook, you can search my name.  I think I might be the only Randall Koehler on facebook so I shouldn’t be too difficult to find.  You can send me a facebook message too if you have some comments or concerns with what I have on the blog.  The address for my facebook is as follows:

Also, you can leave contacts at my profile with ilike.  To get to that page, you can click on music on the right hand side of the blog home page and then click on the album cover picture on the music page.

Hope to hear from you if you disagree, agree, or are kind of confused.


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